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Flensburg is situated right on the national border to Denmark, in the innermost corner of the roughly 38km long Flensburg fjord. Its proximity to Denmark is clearly reflected in Flensburg's urban culture and economy. Numerous Scandinavian businesses dominate the cityscape providing variety and making Flensburg a popular shopping destination between Hamburg and Copenhagen. The former craftsman's mile called the "Rote Straße" is one of the most popular streets in the town centre today with its renovated courtyards, huge variety of shopping opportunities and multitude of places to eat. The town offers a setting packed with variety thanks to the mix of the historical, modern and innovative. In the 18th century, Flensburg played an important part in the sugar and rum production and became extremely wealthy as a trading town, which the magnificent merchant's houses are still testament to today. The "Rum Regatta" attracts a huge audience to the Flensburg fjord in the town every year. Numerous cultural institutions, a wide range of educational opportunities, its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Hamburg and Kiel and the attractive surrounding countryside ensure a superb quality of life in this town.

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