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Stuttgart is the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and one of its centres of commerce and education. The vineyards that span the hillsides in the direct vicinity of the city and the impressive municipal squares and parks lend Stuttgart a southern flair and also make it one of the greenest cities in Germany. Stuttgart is also one of the centres of the German automotive industry. Two renowned German car manufacturers are amongst the largest employers in the region and facilitate exchanges between industry and science, due to their cooperation with local universities and research institutes.
Worthy sights in Stuttgart include the classic castle and the “Wilhelma”, the botanical and zoological gardens. Art lovers are in their element in the municipal gallery and at the Stuttgart art museum. The annual autumn Cannstatter folk festival, referred to as the “Cannstatter Wasen”, draws hordes of visitors every year. The “Stuttgarter Weindorf” wine event is also renowned far beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg. The Swabian Forest, a local recreational region, stretches away to the north east of the city and is one of the most popular outdoor leisure destinations with its footpaths and bathing lakes. In addition to the many leisure opportunities, the city of Stuttgart also boasts an excellent infrastructure, which serves to further enhance the superb quality of life enjoyed here.

Stuttgart: Auszeichnung als BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENT 2018


Der VON POLL IMMOBILIEN-Shop in Stuttgart gehört zu den BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS 2018. Das Qualitätssiegel wird jährlich durch die Immobilienzeitschrift BELLEVUE an empfehlenswerte Immobilienunternehmen verliehen. Ein sechsköpfige Jury aus namhaften Profis der Immobilienwirtschaft und BELLEVUE-Redakteuren prüft zuvor die Unternehmen.


Wir gehören zu den besten Maklern Deutschlands

VON POLL IMMOBILIEN Stuttgart gehört zu den besten Maklern Deutschlands. Dies ermittelte das Nachrichtenmagazin Focus im Immobilien-Atlas März 2016. Für den richtigen Weg zur Immobilie listet Focus dort Deutschlands Top-Makler auf. Basis der Erhebung waren insbesondere Kollegenempfehlungen. Die Makler mit den besten Kritiken erhielten die Auszeichnung "Top-Immobilienmakler 2016."