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Wilhelmshaven in Lower Saxony is situated on the North Sea coast, overlooking “Jadebusen” Bay on the North Sea. There are many historical buildings that serve as a testament to this city’s past, such as the Garrison Church, the Kopperhörn mill dating from 1839 and the early 19th century Town Hall with its look-out tower. It boasts the only south-facing beach on the North Sea Coast and has a promenade that makes a stroll along the water’s edge at sundown an unforgettable experience at any time of the year. This is also the location of the “Pumpwerk” cultural centre and the site of numerous restaurants and cafés. The Wattenmeer UNESCO world natural heritage site attracts many visitors, while the city can offer a host of cultural highlights, such as the art gallery, the museum of coastal life, the fortress of Kniphausen and many charming private galleries. Water sports enthusiasts can also enjoy all sorts of activities along the coast. Another impressive sight is Germany’s only deep water harbour, the “JadeWeserPort”, where the largest container ships with draughts of up to 16 metres are brought to shore in Wilhelmshaven. The proximity of the North Sea and the transport network to main trading centres of Northern Germany has encouraged many companies to set up shop here.

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