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The district of Südliche Weinstraße lies in the south of the state of Rhineland Palatinate. The region, with around 12,000 ha of vineyards, is one of the largest wine-growing regions in the Federal Republic of Germany. The area gained its name from the tourist route known as the “Deutsche Weinstraße” or German wine route, which is an 85 kilometre long route that leads right through the heart of the wine-growing region. 
Characteristic of the landscape around Landau, Neustadt and Bad Dürkheim are the castles, keeps and castle ruins, which lord over numerous mountain peaks. The hospitable region also boasts a diverse range of restaurants and numerous accommodation and overnight options, thereby making it the perfect spot for many sporting and leisure pursuits. The season of the Palatinate almond blossom, during which wide swathes of land are bathed in a pink light from the blossoming trees, is a further regional attraction. 
In addition to the mild climate - the area boasts a high number of sunny days in comparison to the national average - the district of Südliche Weinstraße also has appeal due to its close proximity to the technology centre of Karlsruhe as well as the metropolitan region of Rhine-Neckar and the Alsace. As a pivotal point between the three European growth regions, the area offers exceptional potential for development and also affords an excellent standard of living.