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Few European cities can boast such a wealth of facets as the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The image of the city is marked by spectacular buildings, attractive natural areas and rolling hills. The mountain Medvednica, vine-covered hills and numerous lakes form direct borders of the city. The hills of Medvednica feature many places of interest such as the medieval fortress Medvedgrad, old mining tunnels and picturesque little churches. But the city is also home to many green areas. Tranquil parks surround the centre of the city, the Ban Jelačić Square; this is why Zagreb is also known as the "green metropolis". Zagreb's impressive buildings include the Roman Catholic cathedral on the Kaptol of the "Upper Town" and St. Mark's Church at St. Mark's Square, also located in the Upper Town. The area also offers ideal opportunities for pursuing sports, inviting visitors to enjoy activities such as golfing. Not far from the city centre is the Golf & Country Club Zagreb.


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