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The Main-Kinzig district with the parishes of Schlüchtern, Bad Orb, Wächtersbach and Gelnhausen, is one of the most heavily populated districts in Hesse. As a large city within the Main-Kinzig region, Hanau boasts a lengthy urban history and a pretty, historic old town. Furthermore, Hanau is the birthplace of the brothers Grimm and the starting place of the German fairytale route, a renowned holiday route that runs from Hanau to Bremen. The gothic Marienkirche, the brothers Grimm national monument and Philippsruhe castle - which is the stage for the annual  fairytale festival - are just a few of Hanau’s attractions. One of the most prominent sights and a particularly popular local relaxation spot is the historic Wilhelmsbad spa complex. The park, laid out in the style of an English landscaped garden and with its historic buildings from 1777, is a testimony to the former spa and bathing culture. Hanau’s lively cultural landscape and the green surrounding area, the position on the Main, the excellent transport links and its close proximity to the financial metropolis of Frankfurt are all features that make the city a diverse place to live with numerous leisure time opportunities.