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Königs Wusterhausen is the largest town in the Dahme-Spreewald district and is situated not far from Berlin. On the one hand it offers an excellent infrastructure, while on the other it affords city-dwellers a wide variety of destinations for excursions among the numerous meadows, pasturelands and lakes. Navigating the various canals by canoe is an unusual way to get to know the town. The villages of Kablow, Niederlehme, Senzig, Wernsdorf, Zeesen and Zernsdorf also reflect the history of the region with numerous castles, aristocratic residences and churches. The Renaissance castle of Königs Wusterhausen, most of which dates back to the 16th century, has been lovingly restored to its original condition and houses an impressive collection of paintings, among other things. The combination of nature and culture, urban flair and charming landscape provides plenty of opportunities for leisure activities. A number of medium-sized enterprises know the value of the town and its environs, as well as the proximity to Berlin and make good use of the excellent infrastructure.

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