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The city of Heidelberg was founded in the 12th century and can look back on a history that stretches to the time of the Celts and the Romans. The image of the city is dominated by the castle above the Neckar and the Old Town. With one of the oldest universities in Germany, where research and teaching is carried out with great innovative potential, and with its historical Old Town, dominated by Baroque architecture, Heidelberg is one of the world’s most famous cities and a popular international holiday destination. Whether film festival, wine festival or Christmas market: The Heidelberg calendar of events provides a wide range of cultural activities for young and old throughout the year. Due to the attractiveness of its landscape, its favourable climate, and its urban flair, the city provides a great quality of life.

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Der Capital Makler Kompass zeichnete VON POLL IMMOBILIEN im Oktoberheft 2016 mit Höchstnoten aus. Nach Analyse der Maklerleistungen in 50 deutschen Städten liegt das Unternehmen mit 30 Top-Bewertungen wie im Vorjahr auf Rang 1. Auch Heidelberg gehört zu den Standorten mit Spitzenposition. Hier lesen Sie mehr...