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Hamburg Schnelsen/Niendorf
Niendorf, located northwest of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg in the Eimsbüttel district, is characterised by its green residential areas. The Niendorfer Gehege is an especially well-known and popular recreation area with over 140 hectares of forest land, which is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, cycling and other leisure activities in the countryside.
A wide range of shops in the pedestrian-friendly city centre, as well as an independent infrastructure with excellent access to Hamburg city centre and a wide selection of educational facilities make Niendorf a residential area with a high quality of life. Nearby Schnelsen also has excellent transportation links to the centre of Hamburg and is a popular residential area for families who prefer a quiet lifestyle close to nature, without giving up the conveniences of the City on the Elbe. Easy access to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is a plus that Hamburg’s northern residential areas have in common.

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern - Hamburg-Schnelsen/Niendorf

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Der Capital Makler Kompass zeichnete VON POLL IMMOBILIEN im Oktoberheft 2016 mit Höchstnoten aus. Nach Analyse der Maklerleistungen in 50 deutschen Städten lag das Unternehmen mit 30 Top-Bewertungen wie im Vorjahr auf Rang 1. Auch Hamburg-Schnelsen/Niendorf gehörte zu den Standorten mit Spitzenposition. 2017 belegte VON POLL IMMOBILIEN mit sogar 35 Top-Bewertungen bundesweit ebenfalls die Top-Position.