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The townscape of Eschwege is dominated by half-timbered houses and the river Werra, which meanders through the town. In German, the town's name is derived from the earlier description of Eschwege as being a 'settlement by ash trees on the water'. The old town hall, the Raiffeisenhaus and the Hochzeitshaus from the 16th century are magnificent examples of traditional half-timbering.
As a county town in the Werra-Meißner district, the half-timbered town on the water offers excellent educational facilities and numerous sport and leisure distractions. Perched high on the tower of Landgrafen Castle is the emblem of Eschwege: the 'Dietemann', a small figure who is part of the tower clock, and who circles the top of the tower once very hour.
The Werratalsee Lake is a popular destination for excursions, and ideal for walks, rowing and sailing. In addition to this, the Hessian town of Eschwege has established itself as a leading location for the metal and plastics industries.