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This city on the Rhine benefits from its good location in the middle of a hub of converging supraregional transport routes. As a university city and flourishing business location, Duisburg has a dynamic and innovative atmosphere. A special feature of the city is its inner harbour. Previously it was a centre of trading in wood, coal and cereal. Now, the appearance of the inner harbour is characterised by a mixture of modern residential buildings and listed storage buildings which are used for culinary and cultural purposes. Its location directly by the water and the historical industrial architecture make the harbour a place of high leisure value with very special charm. Culturally, this city in the west of the Ruhr region also has a lot to offer: the Lembruck Museum is widely known for sculptures and German Expressionist paintings, the Duisburg Philharmonic is regarded as having one of the most illustrious traditions of any orchestra in Germany and with events such as the Duisburger Akzente the city has made a name for itself far beyond the country's borders. In the direct vicinity of the Duisburg urban area is the recreational area of Sechs-Seen-Platte, where there is sufficient space for sporting leisure activities and relaxation in green surroundings. In the best locations for you - your able estate agent in Duisburg will be happy to advise you!