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Situated in the south eastern part of Saxony, surrounded by the foothills of the eastern Erz Mountains and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, lies the state capital of Dresden. Dresden was first mentioned as far back as the year 1206. At this time merchants, farmers and craftsmen began to settle here. Today, the city is able to look back over a long and moving history. The Frauenkirche, alongside the Semper opera and the Dresden Zwinger, are internationally renowned as symbols of the city. They have been restored over many years, so that they now gleam with all of their former brilliance.
The quality of life in the city is enhanced by its green surroundings and its position on the Elbe, as well as the comprehensive selection of leisure and cultural opportunities. As such the open-air cinema and the concert festival “Film nights on the banks of the Elbe” are amongst the most stunning open-air events in Germany.
Dresden also boasts a multifaceted museum landscape and has much to offer to fans of art and culture. As such the city has dedicated a museum to its most famous citizen, the writer Erich Kästner, which is devoted to his life’s works.
Saxony’s state capital has also established itself in recent years as a respected commercial centre. Diverse international companies have discovered the green city for themselves. The close proximity to nature together with the cultural diversity of a large city characterise Dresden and make the city an attractive place to live.

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Der Capital Makler Kompass zeichnete VON POLL IMMOBILIEN im Oktoberheft 2016 mit Höchstnoten aus. Nach Analyse der Maklerleistungen in 50 deutschen Städten liegt das Unternehmen mit 30 Top-Bewertungen wie im Vorjahr auf Rang 1. Auch Dresden gehört zu den Standorten mit Spitzenposition. Hier lesen Sie mehr...