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The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is the smallest of Germany’s federal states and is located on the River Weser, the course of which runs through the centre of the city. The river was instrumental in making Bremen one of the hanseatic cities in the Middle Ages. Downriver, the still existing harbour quarters give us an insight into the flair of this old trading centre. Where once small steamship and large freight vessels were built in the shipyards, art and culture has now taken over. The historic centre around the market square, on the other hand, conveys the atmosphere of a young metropolis that is influenced by its 1,200-year tradition and openness to the world.

The internationally renowned Town Musicians of Bremen, who are immortalised in stone, relay adventurous stories from the past. The historic town houses and the impressive City Hall, built in the style of the Weser Renaissance, the unusual architecture of Böttcherstraße and Bremen Cathedral are unmistakeable witnesses to the traditional history of this city. But the city is also an attractive business location: numerous companies from the automobile, shipping, steel, electronics and food industries have settled here.

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