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Pankow, one of the most populous districts in Berlin, lies in the north-west of the capital city. The district includes the Berlin areas of Niederschönhausen, Pankow and Weißensee. Thus the Weiße See (White Lake), which gives the residential area of Weißensee its name, is situated in Pankow. Embedded in a park, it has a beach and serves as a recreational area for local residents. The famous art school in Weißensee is also located there. This means that the image of the district is greatly dominated by galleries and ateliers, which lends the area a special flair.

Pankow is characterised by its large proportion of green spaces with numerous old trees. The name of the district is derived from the small river called the Panke, which flows through the district before entering the Spree. Pankow’s historic sites include Schönhausen Palace, which was built in the Baroque style and now serves as a museum. A further imposing building is the Water Tower, which formerly provided the residential area of Prenzlauer Berg with water, and which was the first water tower in Berlin. Buildings from the turn of the 19th century, for the most part renovated, are typical for the area, as are the good connections to public transport and the diverse range of recreational facilities and cultural events on offer.

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Der Capital Makler Kompass zeichnete VON POLL IMMOBILIEN im Oktoberheft 2017 mit Höchstnoten aus. Nach Analyse der Maklerleistungen in 50 deutschen Städten liegt das Unternehmen mit 35 Top-Bewertungen wie in den Vorjahren auf Rang 1. Auch Berlin gehört zu den Standorten mit Spitzenposition.