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The Hessian Bergstraße, also called "Germany's Riviera", is - due to the mild climate - a small vineyard area on the northern and western slope of the Odenwald between Darmstadt in the North and Weinheim in the South. The Bergstraße is characterised by the beauty of the landscape, featuring medieval towns that invite you to linger for a while and imposing mountains and castles. Popular excursion destinations include the Auerbach Castle, the Heiligenberg Castle in Seeheim-Jugenheim and the historical old quarter of Bensheim. An annual event on the 1st May is the "Weinlagenwanderung", with a presentation of different vintners and tasting stands along the trail. Its good infrastructure and attractive location combined with proximity to Heidelberg, Mannheim, Darmstadt and Frankfurt make the Bergstraße a place of residence with high quality of life. In the best locations for you - your able estate agent in the Hessian Bergstraße will be happy to advise you!