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Bamberg in Upper Franconia is part of the Nuremberg economic region and combines all the advantages of a metropolis with pleasant living and housing conditions. Bamberg was built on seven hills and is therefore also referred to as the “Franconian Rome”. The excellently preserved Old Town of the former imperial and episcopal city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Bamberg is also a university, school and administrative city in the commercial centre of Upper Franconia. The University of Bamberg is one of Bavaria’s oldest universities and is among the leading universities in the Free State for social and economic sciences as well as psychology. The Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) is regarded as the city’s landmark. In addition to this building, the Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom) is one of the most frequented places of interest. The best residential areas in Bamberg include the Berggebiet (“hill area”) with numerous churches and palace, the Inselstadt (“island city”) with prestigious patrician houses, attractive shopping facilities as well as a broad range of gastronomy, the Haingebiet (“forest area”) with its old villas as well as the Gärtnerstadt (“gardener’s city”), which was the centre of market gardening in the 19th century. The beautiful natural and river landscape is excellently suitable for all sorts of leisure activities. The city and administrative district provide attractive location factors which attract both companies as well as employees.
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