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Elegance defines the flair of this city, which has attracted international attention due to the famous racecourse, among other highlights. Baden-Baden is just as well known as a spa town and especially as a mineral health resort, a holiday location and a centre of media and the arts. The Classicist Kurhaus with its famous casino forms the architectural and social focus of the town and is its landmark. The town has been appreciated as a recreational area for centuries; the Romans were fond of the incredibly green town with its spa healing waters. The Baden-Baden Festival Theatre is Europe’s second-largest concert building and attracts visitors from near and far with its operas, musicals and concerts. In the historic old town one can enjoy the finest wines from traditional vineyards in the Baden-Baden grape-growing region, while the lovingly laid out rose gardens in the Gönneranlage and the garden town of Ooswinkel invite you to relax. Whether you are looking for culinary or cultural inspiration, Baden-Baden has something for every taste.


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