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Aachen is the western-most city of Germany and part of the border triangle formed by Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. As far back as the Romans the advantages of this location were recognised, due to its central situation as well as the beauty of the landscape. The city’s history was shaped by Charlemagne, after whom the Charlemagne Prize is named, an accolade that is bestowed by the city of Aachen every year. The historical old town with its baroque town hall and cathedral - which was the first German cultural monument to be added to the list of UNESCO world heritage in 1978, and which is renowned for its valuable interior décor and fittings - attracts numerous visitors every year.  Aachen also enjoys a high level of recognition due to its hot springs and the richly traditional honey gingerbread known as “Aachener Printen”. Renowned large companies utilise the advantages of this location, for themselves and their personnel. Good transport connections also exist due to the A46 Dusseldorf-Liege and A4 Cologne-Maastricht motorways, the ICE line between Cologne and Brussels and the Aachen-Maastricht airport.

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Wir gehören zu Deutschlands Top-Maklern

Der Capital Makler Kompass zeichnete VON POLL IMMOBILIEN im Oktoberheft 2017 mit Höchstnoten aus. Nach Analyse der Maklerleistungen in 50 deutschen Städten liegt das Unternehmen mit 35 Top-Bewertungen wie in den Vorjahren auf Rang 1. Auch Aachen gehört zu den Standorten mit Spitzenposition.


Aachen: Auszeichnung als BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENT 2018


Der VON POLL IMMOBILIEN-Shop in Aachen gehört zu den BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS 2018. Das Qualitätssiegel wird jährlich durch die Immobilienzeitschrift BELLEVUE an empfehlenswerte Immobilienunternehmen verliehen. Ein sechsköpfige Jury aus namhaften Profis der Immobilienwirtschaft und BELLEVUE-Redakteuren prüft zuvor die Unternehmen.


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